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As you leave the airport in your rental car, follow the sign that says “AUCKLAND/NORTH 20A”

As you pass the “Shell Service Station” press the Tripometer on you vehicle to calibrate it with the distances on this chart.

 6km along motorway the sign says you are on “20” don’t worry you are still on the correct road. 

10km    Exit motorway”20” to local road “12” QUEENSTOWN ROAD.-gentle off ramp followed by sharp right turn/you have the right of way.  Continue following ‘Blue signs’ saying “

13.8km  Turn right into “GREENLANE West Rd” Follow this road until you come to “Great South Rd” - Traffic Lights-very busy intersection-‘McDonalds’ on corner (civilization at last) Go straight through intersection to the next ‘roundabout/overpass’above the ‘Southern Motorway’. Here you want to go across and exit the other side.

15.9km  As you approach the roundabout you will notice that the two lanes change to three. Make sure you get into one of the two right lanes so that you can go straight ahead. Follow Blue sign that says “REMUERA 9” Stay in left lane and at the second set of traffic lights turn left into “ASCOT AVE” (16.4km)

17km    At summit of hill blue sign says ‘MISSION BAY 7’ Follow sign and proceed through the traffic lights and travel down “ORAKEI   RD

18.7km  At roundabout travel straight ahead.

19.6km  At next roundabout turn left. The sign says “CITY CENTRE/MISSION BAY” the road is called Ngapipi RD 

20km    At top of hill turn right into Ngaiwi St. Very difficult corner/be very carefull.

20.5km  At top of hill. Drive straight through intersection and down “PAORA  RD

 21.1km  At bottom of hill turn left.

21.4km  And here you are at “NAUTICAL NOOK”-sign on gate post. WELL DONE! Time for a cup of tea.



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